Emotional wounds

Emotional wounds are the worst.

Because usually the victims look whole

To the naked eye things are as they should,

But the reality is that they are battered and bruised.

How do you restore that which believes to be whole

Yet is in shreds


The Stranger that never came

“Don’t talk to strangers!”

As children we were warned of the dangers.

That strangers potentially hold.

But about the ones we know nothing gets told.

We call then friend not foe.

But through him, tragedy & pain came.

What about the stranger, that never came?

Always walk in pairs!”

There is safety in numbers.

We shut the doors with locks.

Put iron bars & massive padlocks.

The sad truth about our society.

Is that we lock ourselves inside,

With our abusers we call friends not foe.

This is “uncle” & “aunty” X.

They enter through the front door.

They share a meal at our tables.

We sometimes run to them for safety.

Or hold their hand at the thought of fear.

When they arrive we don’t question our safety.

They are the safety in numbers.

The ones we don’t suspect.

And the danger we feared outside.

We let in through the open door.

Because the possibility of the dangers inside were left untold.

The strangers we were warned of never came.

The blur of lines.

I see it around me. I have even walked some of the path myself. Single mothers are called to show up & make up for the absence of the other. Assuming roles of protector, provider, teacher & nurturer. Becoming heads of dysfunctional homes with the hope of creating functionality. Balancing and sometimes juggling career choices and the needs of a growing family. I have heard people saying that there are more men than women in the world but I wonder if the role of a man is offered to him with the option of denial or enforced on him as is the role of woman?

Woman thou art loosed!

Woman thou art loosed!
Loosed from the chains that bind you.
That claim your freedom on its terms.
Delivered from the standards that cripple you.
Telling you to achieve just as long as you aim low.

Daring you to stay contained within the status quo.
Speak out but don't speak your mind.
Woman you are called to be gentle
Just remember that even that bespeaks of strength.

Woman thou art loosed!
Released from the contradictions that weigh you.
As you become the sole provider & nurturer to children with absent fathers.
Climb the corporate ladder & raise your babes if you choose.
Don't cower or get derailed.

You define who you are
& you choose what you answer to.
Loosed to be the you, you dare to be.

My travels through the journey of others …

As I read I find myself walking in shoes of another feeling emotions i never would have experienced otherwise. I visit places around the world by flicking a page and I transform into the brave & bold characters of Authors then I shut the book and am challenged to be more than I am because for those moments in my imagination I actually discover something about myself I didn’t realize was there all along.


Oxygen poisoned by the words that strangle me.

I’m choking on the very air designed to revive me.

Caged in a mental battlefield.

FIGHTING an enemy that I cannot see.

I’m suffocating.

Gasping for the very air destroying me.

Paralyzed by the perplexed emotions that drown me.

Fear driving my hope and happiness away.

I wish I could write my pain away

Leave it on paper & blaze it away

Suffocating…? Or have I voluntarily stopped breathing.

Has the enemy proclaimed victory, yet I keep fighting?

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

There goes hope teaching me to breathe again.

The voice of Truth lifts me up to rise again.

Love covers a multitude of sins HE said.

Healing arrives in the acceptance of Him.

I choose Him for He is life.

Your love is relentless

Your Love is relentless

Your creation so magnificent.

A glimpse of your Majesty.

So great, so glorious, Omnipresent.

All knowing, all powerful, Omnipotent .

Yet your love is relentless.

Tell me how a God humbled himself & became man?

The Lion and the lamb.

Poured out His glory & became flesh,.

All so that mankind might stand in Him a free slave.

Ancient of days, author of time.

You stand in & out of time, before & after time.

Hallowed be your name.

So awesome & pure yet your love calls me by name.